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Published: 14th February 2011
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Radley is a fantastic British brand, started in the late 90s by Lowell Harder. Radley make a range of beautiful handbags and other accessories including umbrellas.

All of the stock is hand crafted and created in distinctive designs and colours supposedly to reflect the eccentricity of the English! Radley make things because they love making them - not simply because they sell, or they are fashionable, but simply because it is the right thing for them to do.

Everything is about creativity - they want to produce something that people will love. Umbrellas are good example of this - they make the Radley Umbrella with such passion and flair that the owners actually want it to rain so that they can use their Radley Umbrella!

If you have seen anything with the Radley dog on it, you will know that one of their most important design aspects is colour. Radley uses colour to trigger emotions & to make a statement - their creative ideas are not ones to hide away - they want to jump out and say boo to everyone they meet!

Where to buy from? Well they have stores in many of the main cities around the UK, from Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester to Bristol, Cardiff and London - so there should be one pretty near to you. Obviously they have one big store online of course, and are sold as a brand in many department stores, such as Debenhams.

Often though with creativeness comes products that are impractical - they look and feel great, but there's not a lot you can do with them because they are fragile, too small, too big, too heavy too light, whatever. Not with Radley - above all they make stuff to be used not to be carried in the crock of our arm like an itsy ditsy poodle.

So, if you want a well made, creative, colourful and practical product - have a look at Radley. Oh, and I hope it rains tomorrow, cause I've got my Radley umbrella!!

And before I forget - the little Radley dog on everything they do - kinda like their signature - do you know what that's all about? No? me neither, but it's on everything!

Pippa Dent is a fasionista - loving every second of the English seasons, as a great excuse to get a mountain of different clothes and accessories. Right now, she is hooked on the Radley Umbrella and is pining for the autumn and winter seasons to return so she has a better excuse to use her brolly.

Have a look at all of the Radley umbrella on offer at her website (http://www.radleyumbrella.com/ )

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